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About us

Miy'Couture is based on the belief that fashion should be an outlet for self-expression and that every individual has their own personal and unique story to tell. Created with love, the Miy’Couture brand strives to provide an array of eye-catching versatile pieces that can be worn by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

The conceptional vision of a Marine Corps veteran turned entrepreneur, Miy’Couture has always been about more than just fashion. From the very beginning, Miyako, the founder of Miy’Couture has wanted to create a brand that would inspire people of all ages to feel empowered, confident, resilient, and beautiful inside and out. Each piece of Miy'Couture jewelry is designed with this purpose in mind, hoping to empower the individual who wears it.

Miyako strives to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also have meaning and purpose for the wearer. Each piece is infused with her passion for creativity, uniqueness, and inspiration, with the goal of helping others feel their best selves.

With each beautifully crafted design, Miyako found that she could create accessories that make people feel loved and unique. From this, Miyako decided to take her love for fashion and turn it into a business, Miy’Couture, with the purpose of creating unique, handmade jewelry pieces for anyone who wants to feel empowered and inspired.